Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Radha Asthami festival in Mathura Vrindavan & Barsana

Radha rani was born on 8th day of shukla paksha in Bhadrapath month as per hindu calendar in Barsana Village in the house of Vrishbhanu ( who was Head of Barsana Village in Mathura ), her birthday is celebrated in Entire Braj Mandal ( Especially in Mathura Vrindavan & Ladli Lal  Temple in Barsana ) in a big way.

Radha was the childhood friend and lover of Lord Krishna, Krishna loved her so much that even today people in Mathura Vrindavan ( Braj Mandal ) takes the chant the name of Radha before Krishna ( for example – Radhe Krishna ). Even the folk people greet each other with the name Radhe Radhe instead good morning, good evening. Devotees of Krishna consider that best way to please Krishna is through pleasing Radha.

On this day devotees of Krishna keep fast, Idol of Srimati Radha rani is cleaned and bathed with panchamrit (thin paste made of honey, milk, curd, ghee and bura ) in Temples, Then her idol is decorated extensively and aarti for Radha rani is performed and  bhog ( prasad ) is offered to her. Devotees  sing and do kirtan in temples in praise of Lord Krishna & Radha rani.

On this day Raas leela ( a devotional folk dance & drama enactment of  Radha & Krishna ) is performed in banke bihari temple vrindavan.

On the day of Radha Asthami , Swami Haridas ( famous singer musician and devotee of Krishna ) was also born, therefore this day is also celebrated as swami haridas jayanti by musicians & singers in Vrindavan. Many famous singers participate in the festival and pay their tribute to swami haridas by playing music & singing in the glory of lord Krishna and radha in Nidhivan, Vrindavan.

This Year Radha Asthami  will be celebrated on Tuesday September 2, 2014.


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