Friday, 18 April 2014

Phool Bangla festival at Banke Bihari Temple,Vrindavan

Temple of shri Banke Bihari ji at Vrindavan is extensively decorated with flowers so much as if it looks like that that entire temple feels like made of flowers . Even dress and ornaments of Sri Banke Bihari is made of flowers and leaves.

As devotees enter the temple courtyard , they find themselves showered by cool water from fountain and feel the mix fragnance of many different kind of flowers. As they move closer to meet banke bhihariji , sevaks of bihariji sprinkles them with rose water.Wearing dress and ornaments made of flowers and leaves Banke bhihariji almost hypnotizes devotees so much that they don’t want to move from there and want to watch thakur ji entire day.

Phool Bangla at Sri Banke Bihari Temple starts from Kamda Ekadashi ( Chaitra Shukla Paksha Ekadashi , Friday April 11, 2014 )and lasts till Haryali Amavasya ( Shravan Krishna Paksha Amavasya, Saturday July 26,2014 ). During these days comes Akshay Tritiya (Vaishak Shukla Paksha Tritiya , Friday May 2,2014 ) when in the morning banke bihari gives charan ( feet ) darshan and in the evening banke bhiharji gives sarvang darshan ( Banke bihari ji is attired only in langoti ( loin cloth ).

Phool Bangla is also made on Guru Poornima ( July 12, 2014 Saturday ) in nidhivan for Swami Haridas . ( Swami Haridas was the saint & devotee of Thakur ji, who is belived to be gifted the image of Banke Bihariji by thakurji himself. Swamiji was one of the best musician of his times and his disciples included famous musician Tansen, Meerabai ).


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