Sunday, 27 April 2014

Jhulan Yatra Festival in Mathura-Vrindavan

On Shravan Shukla Paksha Tritiya ( locally known as Harayali Teej) , Jhulan Yatra Mahotsav ( also known as Swinging Festival or Hindola in folk term ) starts in Braj Mandal and keeps on going until the full moon of Sharavan month .

Swinging Ceremony in Vrindavan

This festival commemorates the Krishna’s childhood pastimes with His friends. This festival celebrate Sri Radha Krishna’s pastime of swinging on a golden swing . The Deities are decorated beautifully and seated on a swing, while the devotees wait patiently in a queue to swing Their Lordships with a special flower rope. When Sri Sri Radha Krishna are seated on the swing, A prayer is performed and a variety of offerings are made to please Radha & Krishna . Atmosphere in temples remains filled with kirtana and bhajans and devotees are given the chance to pull Their Lordship’s swing several time.This is a kind of personal service offered to Krishna by his followers .

Main temples where Swinging festival is celebrated in Braj are Banke Bihari ji and Radha Raman Temple in Vrindavan , Shri Dwarkadhish Temple in Mathura and Ladli Lal ( also known as shri ji temple ) in Barsana.

This festival holds so much importance to the followers of Krishna that on this occasion entire vrindavan gets completely crowded. 
This year Jhulan Yatra Festival in Mathura Vrindavan will start on July 30, 2014 Wednesday .


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