Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Brahmotsava Festival in Rangaji Temple Vrindavan

As per folklore Brahma, the creator of universe first conducted this festival by worshiping Bhagwan Jagannath ( also known as lord Krishna , incarnation of lord Vishnu ) to thank him for providing his protection to the mankind. Since this festival was started by Brahma therefore it is celebrated as Brahmotsav or Brahmotsavam in different parts of India specially south India. This festival generally goes on for nine to ten days.

In Vrindavan Brahmotsav is celebrated in Rangji Temple in strict accordance with shastras. For ten days lord jagannath is taken out on different vahanas ( Vehicles ) in morning and evenings. Every vahana of Lord jagnnath has its own significance.

Schedule of Brahmotsava in Rangaji Temple  is as follows…

1st day of Brahmostav :
  • Sri Poornakothi Vahan, Morning
  • Sri Simha ( Lion ) Vahan, Evening
2nd day of Brahmostav :
  • Sri Surya Vahan, Morning
  • Sri Hansa Vahan, Evening
3rd day of brahmostav
  • Sri Garuda Vahan, Morning
  • Sri Hanuman Vahan, Evening with fireworks
4th day of Brahmotsava
  • Sri Sheshanaga Vahan, Morning
  • Sri Kalpavrikha Vahan, Evening
5th day of Brahmotsava
  • Sri Paalki Vahan, Morning
  • Sri Simha Shaardool Vahan
6th day of Brahmotsava
  • Sri Kanch ka Viman(Holi), Evening
  • Sri Gaja Vahan, Evening
7th day of Brahmotsava
  • Sri Ratha Vahan also know as rath yatra ( Car festival or chariot festival )
8th day of Brahmotsava
  • Sri Ashva (Horse) Vahan with fireworks to be followed by Sri Parakal Swami Leela
9th  day of Brahmotsava
  • Sri Paalki Vahan, followed by Pranaya kalah leela
  • Sri Yamuna Snan (Bath in the river Yamuna) in the afternoon
  • Sri Chandra Vahan, Evening
10th day of Brahmotsava
  •  Sri Pushpa Vahan, Evening

This year Brahmotsava in Rangaji Temple,Vrindavan  is starting from June 23, 2014 Monday, Garuna Vahana is on the third day of Brahmotsava festival on June 25, 2014 Wednesday and  Rath yatra of lord Jagnnath ( also known as chariot festival )  is on June 29, 2014 Sunday .


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